Cutting Edge Website and Web Application Services

LowerMedia offers web development services and consultation for a wide range of clients including everything from the personal blogger to non-profits to small-medium sized business and e-commerce web sites. We work within client budgets to create beautiful, functional, and SEO optimized sites that are easy to use and great for business.

We don’t sell websites, we sell comprehensive internet solution services!

LowerMedia’s mission is to boost online presence, grow the customer base, and increase sales!

Need Brand New Website?

We’ve got you covered and more. The team at LowerMedia works closely with clients to create beautiful, responsive, and valid website systems built upon today’s top CMS platforms, such as WordPress and Drupal, to increase customer awareness, brand recognition, and sales. Not only do we create beautiful websites that the client can easily manage but we also integrate the latest social media technologies and SEO techniques to make sure you’re on the map like a giant red dot!

What about the Design?

No worries! We have some of the best designers around ready to work with you to make a website you AND your customers will love! Already have a design? Perfect! We’ll make that a reality online in no time with an easy to use website you’ll have wondered what you did without!

I have a site but I need a better one.

Migration. Let’s take your old html, dreamweaver, touchpad, whatever site and bring it to WordPress or Drupal, today’s best website software applications. What do they mean for you? An AWESOME webmaster experience! You’ll now be looking forward to logging into your website, easily making a new blog post, adding a photo to the home page slider, and checking your google analytics traffic stats as per daily routine.

Want to become a blogger? Send us a message or give us a call, seriously we’re pro’s at this! We’ll get you up and running by the end of the week for cheap. We also provide long term support and hosting services, so we’ll always have your backWant a simple site or blog?

WordPress and Drupal Troubleshooting

WordPress and Drupal support, upgrade, backup, and troubleshooting services. You have a problem, we fix it. Drop us a line!

But I need a website that will last!

No problem, with us your site will never get old. Every site we make is updated weekly ensuring the plugins your site and users are using won’t be using an old insecure plugin or theme that could compromise the integrity of your site. This also means that in a few years if the look is outdated all we have to do is apply a new design at a fraction of the cost of creating an entirely new website. We’re future proof!

Long Term Support and Maintenance, Hosting, Migration, and Domain Name Setup Services

We’re nerds, let us take care of those things. Send us an email and let’s get started!