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In a sentence, we sell internet and media services.

LowerMedia is a multimedia development and consulting firm founded in early 2012 by Pete Lower. Specializing in web development, music production/booking/marketing, and non profits for a good cause, our top priority is to help clients, just like you, accomplish their goals. We excel in creating a strong web and social presence, making sure your business (or band!) reaches the maximum amount of the target audience as possible, ensuring stronger following, sales, and/or readership.

To put it simply, we make awesome websites and rock at SEO.

We’ve been around the Internet block a time or two…

If you’re going to do it, do it right!
– Grandpa (mine, possibly yours too)

We use the latest and greatest, must have technologies in every website we make.   Including (but not limited to):

  • Responsive Design – to make sure your site looks good on all screen sizes and devices;
  • Accessibility – to make sure EVERYONE and ANYONE can use your site;
  • W3C Valid Standard Compliant Code – The head web nerds gave us regular nerds standards and we use them. CSS3, HTML5, MySQL, PHP, SASS etc…
  • SEO & Social Media – we know all the key words and where to put them ensuring you score high with Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines.  Also we know where all the cool internet cats hang out these days and will make sure you have a presence there!
  • Usability – or making the site as easy to use and manage for a client as a Facebook profile
  • Scalability/Exportability/Extendability – we use the two top Content Management Systems*, in our humble opinion, as a foundation for your website ensuring that it will be able to grow very large if need be, it will separate data from code ensuring we can export or import data/content if need be, and as these both have a large community and plugin pool it ensures your site will be able to do almost anything.

*WordPress and Drupal are today’s leading CMSs. WordPress has the largest community, downloads, and uses online with Drupal having the second most. It is fair to say most if not a very good chunk of the websites you look at daily are on WordPress or Drupal and surely almost all of them are built on some sort of CMS or web framework.

Let’s make things happen today! — Pete Lower, LowerMedia