Benefits of Upgrading to Bluehost VPS

Recently I upgraded one of my servers on Bluehost from Enhanced Shared hosting with a Dedicated IP to Enhanced VPS hosting, boy am I glad I did. Some of the benefits include: a way faster server (duh!), sudo privileges (o yeah baby), extended cpanel capabilities, and more. Being a big fan of Drupal (along with WordPress) I am familiar with Drush and all the perks it has to offer when working with Drupal websites and web applications. WordPress also has a nice command line interface to speed up the development and maintenance processes, it is called wp-cli ( Installing wp-cli on Bluehost shared hosting (w/o sudo) is a bit tricky if not impossible, now that I’ve upgraded I had no trouble installing (command line ftw!). I have also installed New Relic ( for server and website monitoring (uptime, downtime, cpu usage, yada yada yada), it’s great and was a no brainer (MORE DATA CAPTAIN!).


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