Professional Contract & Freelance Internet Services

Hey! I’m Pete, at LowerMedia we provide the following services:

SEO Optimization and Analytics

Making your site easy to find and allowing you to easy gauge who is finding you!

Responsive Design and Universal Device Optimization

Making your site beautiful and easy to use on any device, for the both the customer and owner!

Hosting and Domain Registry

A one stop shop, we’ll build your website, register the domain, and host it too!

Social Media Management

Admin, integration, and management of all the necessary social media accounts to boost your visibility and customer interaction.

CMS Development and Consultancy

WordPress and Drupal are some of our favorite things! Let’s get you on a site that’s secure, easy to use, update, and maintain!

Free WordPress Plugins:

LowerMedia iFrames On Demand

LowerMedia Sticky.js Menu’s

LowerMedia WP Social

Let’s start today!